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Founder of Oleander PR, Donna Segura is a ‘solepreneur’ with a growing network of reliable resources, assisting clients with influencer outreach, social media and digital marketing management, branding, event marketing and more. 

Donna, offers a personal alternative to larger public relations firms, with her ‘straight shooter’ down to earth personality , always focused and, committed to achieving the results her clients are looking for. There’s no such thing as a one size fit all strategy & she doesn’t believe in the 9 to 5 work schedule. PR, doesn’t sleep… 

Her work doesn’t just stop within the Entertainment, Luxury and Fashion sectors but, her passion and loyalty to her extended military family is seen when advocating for Disabled, Homeless Veterans. Donna represents a ‘For Veterans, by Veterans’ upcoming charity – Non Profit: Operation Cover Your Six are working with resources providing emergency and permanent housing, medical and mental health options to provide a positive and reassuring option to those who fought for us, our country. For details about Operation Cover Your Six, go HERE

While her two compassion’s are her family and clients, Donna enjoys valuable but rare time spent with her wife in the Texas Hill Country,  viewing life as an adventure we should all participate in. Her agency may be small but, her experience, focus and ability to take on any challenge is akin to spreading butter on a slice of bread. Never one to bite off more than she can chew, Donna has never taken on a brand she doesn’t believe in. It’s either 100% or, not at all.


Pitching Digital Media means, we focus on online visibility, blogger outreach and developing influence marketing campaigns with the goal of driving traffic and awareness to your website. Social Media marketing and exposure is also included.

 In the entertainment industry, it seems like there are waves of people, all trying to get noticed. Attempting to going solo and creating your own publicity is almost suicidal!  That’s why it’s important to have an experienced professional, with first hand experience or knowledge within the industry to make sure your name is on everyone’s lips. Whether you want to be in front of the camera, behind the microphone or organizing and managing it all, we can help you reach your goals.  Film, Television is Oleander PR’s forte and IMDb credited however, the Music industry is also another sector we can help you with. 

We have an intimate knowledge of the fashion industries, facilitating all aspects of a brand building campaign from runway to retail and promoting the individuals behind the brands. With a deep knowledge of the media, influencers and events that can elevate fashion brands, we connect clients with audiences important to them by putting fashion within its larger context. From Fashion Week to showrooms, we have a vast knowledge of the fashion community.

Donna, is also a board member for the Fashion Community Foundation as Public Relations & Media consultant. The Fashion Community Foundation assists young & underprivileged youth, guiding them into the fashion industry.

Inquiries on how you can help or be a part of this valuable community, contact Donna here

We recognize the particular, individual needs of our luxury clients – ensuring every detail of each initiative we execute reflects the brand’s image and exclusivity while maintaining the brand’s integrity, and broadening their scope. 

Donna has a deep understanding of military and Veteran audiences to help you connect with, educate and motivate active  duty service members, Guard and Reservists, Veterans, Military Spouses and families. Having been in and around the military most of her life and now working with a specific upcoming Non Profit “For Veterans by Veterans’ Charity, her commitment to ‘serve’ as a Publicist for the Armed Services, is one that is near and dear to her heart therefore, you know she has your six!

The LGBTQ community is one that Oleander PR, proudly continues to support and advocate for,  along with assisting Gay, Lesbian, Trans owned businesses, brands, events on a local, national and global scale. We believe that love doesn’t see color, race or sexual orientation, LOVE IS LOVE 

Our passion for social causes & advocacy gives us the opportunity to be involved with nonprofit work, but our unique ability to bridge public affairs and consumer-facing issues drives success for our clients. Oleander PR, does all it’ can to meet the needs and vision of Non Profits to ensure continued success and ability to produce eye opening headlines, tangible impact on fundraising while building a local, national and global buzz with community involvement & public understanding.

Let’s connect & work together!

December 29, 2017