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Oleander PR, doesn't have or use a cheat sheet because, we value and respect the unique character and personality of our clients.

We also don't do the usual, send out press releases, 'copy & paste' paragraphs and images, with hopes it'll garner attention…. BORING and non productive.

Planning a major Runway Event?

Oleander PR conceptualizes and produces high profile events and promotions that target key demographics.

From Trunk shows to major Runway events, we work on ROI-focused press campaigns, targeted influencer initiatives and events ranging from VIP gatherings to large-scale launches.

We assist seasoned & new fashion brands, with online visibility being paramount for enhancing consumer awareness, ultimately driving web traffic & sales. Digital media outreach to editors at all online publications as well as blogger outreach in the lifestyle and niche fashion spaces is a steady focus for us as we take the hard work from the clients as they relax and enjoy the success of their brand.

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Remember, your brand, is as important to us as it is to you.

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October 21, 2018