Oleander PR – Freelance Public Relations

Oleander PR is a Freelance Public Relations agency, specializing in PR, digital & content,
created through connections that count. Whether your brand or YOU THE BRAND, are in the Entertainment, Luxury, Fashion industries or, associated and or connected to a Non Profit, LGBTQ community, unlike a large boutique agency, each and every client we proudly work with is treated uniquely, as they are .. as is their brand.

Never one to sugarcoat words, Oleander PR will be the first to tell any and all of our past, current and future clients the following:

  • We can’t guarantee our results, only our efforts.

  • Media results are never guaranteed and anyone who says the can guarantee placements are to be quite blunt:.. LYING!

  • Many agencies make promises to deliver to a steady beat of every whim and beat  however, nothing is ever 100% foolproof.

  • Oleander PR, does all it can to stay humble, true to our word and always ‘Under Promise’, Over deliver and letting our clients know from the very beginning what they can expect and will see.

  • HONESTY is always the best policy with Oleander PR.. it’s an old fashioned mindset but never fails.

  • We’re accessible – when you speak with someone at Oleander PR, you’ll be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about your project, and not an operator, and you will never wait to hear back from us.

  • We believe in quality versus quantity, and as such, we seek out the “right” media outlets that are inherently relevant to your story

  • Social Media, SEO, and Influencer savvy is a standard. We have a vision of how to best market your campaign online. We get it.

  • We don’t believe in the cookie cutter mentality.. everything we do is custom. From writing materials to crafting pitches, we individually target the right people with the right message.

  • No hand me downs or trickle-down effect – You will always speak with the very same person you initially spoke with.

  • We become a part of our client’s team. Your success is our success.

Work with Oleander PR - You are more than welcome to email us directly at: info@oleanderpr.com BUT, in order to best assist you, please complete and send the following form. Don't forget to add all pertinent information in order for Donna, to review your needs. You'll be contacted within and no later than a 24hr time frame.

October 27, 2018