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Donna Segura
Founder, CEO and Publicist, OleanderPR

about Donna, Founder & CEO, OleanderPR

Founded by Donna Segura, Oleander PR has forged a strong position serving the entertainment industry  specifically film and various music genres. Additional experience both personal and professional, Donna has always been consumed with the Luxury Lifestyle clientele providing assistance in all things high-end ie: Interiors, Real Estate and the travel industry coupled with knowledge and first hand experience in the cattle industry with a ‘farm to table’  resource for consumers and restauranteurs alike.

Since then, OleanderPR has expanded to meet the needs of its growing roster of consumer, talented,  corporate, and non-profit clients. Our depth of experience and innovative approach enables us to provide strategic counsel and program execution across a wide range of areas, including public relations, media relations, marketing communications, corporate branding, and reputation management.


Donna prides herself on developing lasting relationships with our clients so that we play an integral role in helping them achieve immediate goals, and contributing to the long-term success of their business. In short, OleanderPR will help define the business objective and set the table for success. It could be a publicity campaign, press, or simply cultivating mutually beneficial relationships.

Whatever your needs are, OleanderPR will work with and for you, your needs goals, and ongoing success.

Strategy planning

How OleanderPR works as the Public Agency of record with its clients?


Continued research on competitors/markets providing ways to ensure your brand stands out from the rest.

market analysis

Measuring what does and doesn’t work with marketing, promotional campaigns


It’s imperative that your chosen Publicist/Public Relations agency maintains a strong yet healthy line of communication

team work

OleanderPR isn’t about what we can do for you.. it’s what WE AS A TEAM can do and build TOGETHER in order for your brand to obtain and continue gaining optimum results.

brand voice

You have a brand that needs to be seen and heard in all the RIGHT places.. not just part of the time but ALL OF THE TIME.  OleanderPR will work hard to ensure your brand voice is heard where it matters.


Media outreach, Campaigns.. the list goes on but execution and timing is key to successful branding.

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