Entertainment PR

The entertainment industry is vast and growing with so many industries within the world of Entertainment, Oleander  PR with first hand personal experience in Acting, Modeling and proudly connected to many industry resources to give each client the advantage, and position giving much deserved and rewarded branding, positioning with each project they venture into.

  • Actors: We can help you continue building a successful career which,  relies on hard work and inspiration coupled with your passion in your craft. Creativity is key to ensuring your vision in your career. A great listening ear, communication skills, together we will get you the best you deserve. Having worked with numerous Union projects, you’ll find Donna Segura, Owner of Oleander PR on IMDB Pro
  • Musicians: Are you preparing a new CD/Video Launch, new albums, producing live shows, need assistance booking talent and more – Music is enjoyed, experienced, and appreciated by everyone but, Oleander PR can help you attain and reach your goals with definitive preparation, talent, management, marketing and social media advantage.
  • Writers, Producers, Directors: Having formed valuable friendship and professional connections in the TV/Film industry, Oleander PR, proudly positions itself where mutual respect has been earned and held with much reward. Oleander PR welcomes the equally hard working of those behind the scenes and will discuss, work on every stage of your projects from script to Premier day and beyond with the utmost commitment, dedication, and passion!

Oleander PR stays in touch with all industry events. Successfully securing your attendance and determining which events align with your personal PR goals is a crucial step in widening your public exposure & work diligently to make sure you are considered for the red carpet.

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