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Oleander PR covers all aspects of both the film and music industry – Our award-winning Entertainment PR experience covers both indie and mainstream film productions, actors, up and coming or already established musicians, groups where we use a vast network of contacts in their media circles and the PR music and film industry to promote the specific industry, they work in. We work with these clients to create both short term and long term goals focused on developing improved awareness by the public and the media. In the public relations film and music industry, PR companies use campaigns, artist interviews, and PR concert reviews to keep the music artist or band in the spotlight. But how does film or music PR actually work? Let’s take a closer look.


To effectively capture the attention of the masses, you need to create a buzz that generates interest in your film, work or music. Film and Music PR campaigns find ways to get the media and the public excited about actors, a film you just finished or worked on musical artists and bands. OleanderPR knows how to utilize the correct channels for your intended audience to garner the attention you need to be successful. Some of our strategies include: 

It’s also a good idea to include a link to SoundCloud, Spotify, or other streaming platforms where your music can be played. 


Any public relations campaign for music needs an appealing press kit. The press kit contains promotional material and resources for editors, interviewers, and reporters. Typical elements we include in a press kit include:


Social media has been a total game-changer for the music industry. With the rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, musicians can bypass traditional routes like TV and radio and connect directly with their intended audience. However, to do so effectively, you need the guidance of an entertainment public relations firm. 


It may go without saying, but to be a successful musician or in the modern age, you need a digital approach. These new digital tools allow actors, musical artists and bands to achieve mainstream success in entirely new ways. They also allow you to form deeper connections with your fans. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the internet never sleeps. As a result, capturing and keeping an audience’s attention is a 24/7 hustle. OleanderPR knows you want to focus on your artistry—the music or as an actor, your craft. Let us handle the rest. 

editorial outreach

Pitching specific press targets with the tailored pitch and pursuing editorial placement for features, reviews, interviews, mentions and listings in print and broadcast media.


At first, having a publicist may seem like a foreign concept. You’re more than likely used to handling all things related to your career. So, handing the reins over to someone can be unsettling. But, when you work with Oleander PR, you can rest easy. We have the experience needed to guide your career in the right direction.  By embracing the idea of working with a publicist, you can remove any tension from the relationship. We are on your side, and your concerns are our concerns. It’s important to note that the music publicist is not the musical artist’s manager or responsible for cutting deals. Our responsibility is to handle your media image and brand story. 


Music PR firms like OLEANDER PR work with celebrities and entertainers from the worlds of music and entertainment, offering only the best public relations to ensure that their public image stays as positive and on-brand as possible. At OLEANDER PR, we provide personalized PR campaigns that help promote your music and work you want your fans and the public to know. We also help you shape your public persona across all platforms and forms of media.

Our content team will work with you to create press releases that promote and capture the essence of your personality and music. As a leading music PR agency, we have contacts and open lines of communication with some of the top media outlets worldwide.

Any public relations music strategy worth its merit involves positive press coverage. We promote your music through both national and local exposure in top publications in the music and entertainment industries. We also make sure that our PR music campaigns are well-targeted and wide-reaching. Media interviews. We organize interviews and features across television and radio and allow you the opportunity to have your voice heard on a national scale. Thanks to our vast network of media connections, we can also secure airtime for you on globally visible platforms.

We take advantage of the entire range of digital media and target top publications and social media platforms to create features, interviews, and news stories that showcase you and your music in the best possible light.

We have some incredible relationships with influencers across the social media landscape, enabling us to promote your music through the social media accounts of online personalities with thousands, if not millions, of committed fans. We use their reach and authority to improve your profile as a musical artist.

Podcasts and YouTube. We organize appearances on popular podcasts and major YouTube channels to boost your profile, build your audience, and shape your public perception across the digital landscape.


The role of public relations (PR) in the film industry is bringing awareness to productions in order to create interest in those films by distributors, film festivals, moviegoers, and other social influencers.

PR agencies are experts in branding and communication, understanding how to make productions newsworthy and relevant to today’s audiences. They also offer crisis management planning and response services to help ensure that a production’s message does not get lost in translation.

Publicists use their established network of contacts and connections as well as seek new marketing opportunities to promote film productions and maximize their coverage through a variety of platforms.

Some examples of the different methods that publicists use to garner interest in new movies are:


When you work with Oleander PR, you’re guaranteed the best film or music public relations in the industry. This is true whether you are an unknown artist or one struggling to remain in the public eye. We can create the PR strategy you need to gain momentum, build a following, and invigorate your fan base. Oleander PR is also IMDB credited as you can see by visiting our IMDB PRO page HERE

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