LGBTQ PR & Media

An increasing number of companies find they have a need for communications outreach to the gay and lesbian consumer market.

Oleander PR’s unique expertise, experience,  approach to LGBT marketing has been respected & acknowledged and supported by marketing professionals – and clients – worldwide.

Oleander PR was founded and solely operated by Donna Segura, who herself is married to her life partner where both, have been involved in the LGBTQ community with Local Pride Events, networking and marketing first hand being a valuable advantage, in helping clients understand how the PR story they have to tell fits into the lives of gays and lesbians – not as consumers, but as people who are represented in all types of media.

Have a project, event or fundraiser coming up and need quality PR with an agency that not only knows the LGBTQ family but, is also an active part of it too.

Please provide detailed information in order for us to best accommodate your needs.

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