Luxury Lifestyle


Whether it’s a Bugatti, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, a Rolex, Cartier or Dom Perignon, Tattinger’s champagne, it’s almost all about the exclusivity of the products. Rolls-Royce even certain Bentley buyers usually wait a couple of years before the car they ordered is delivered. Why? They’re built by hand and only a limited number are made each year. Rolex – well there’s the ones at the bottom of the price range, those are pricey but not all that uncommon in certain circles, but the 1942 Chronograph – if you could find one – would run you well over a million dollars. Even in 1942, they were limited, now nearly 75 years later, finding one is nearly impossible.

Those are old-world kinds of exclusivity – but, whether its a luxurious automobile, luxury real estate, yacht, jewelry line etc, our personal friends and connections in the world of Luxury, gives Oleander PR an offering we are able to extend to our clients.

If the products made by a company can tap into a heritage aspect and offer a high-quality product that lasts long enough to go through a few generations, the product can be marketed as a luxury item and PR campaigns can be centered on the heirloom factor.

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