Media relations begins inside your organization when you have vital information to share. Whether you’ve just developed a cutting-edge product or service, there’s been a change in your organization’s structure, or your business is expanding, if you want to get the word out, someone must alert the media.

We will work with you to turn updates into compelling stories that engage your audience. We will then select the most impactful media outlets to get the word out. Because we have the expertise, connections, and trusted relationships with media outlets, we can get you coverage.

Timed right, this exposure will keep your business top-of-mind for consumers. A thoughtfully placed news feature can boost your company’s reputation, brand recognition, and sales. And, in the unfortunate event that you have negative news to share, having Oleander PR on your side can help you get in front of any bad coverage.

The Components of an Effective Media Relations Campaign

To ensure that your stories have the best possible chance of being picked up by the right media outlet, we do our homework and cover all bases. Research is a part of our DNA, and we don’t cut corners on it in any area of our business. We begin by researching our angle to make sure your story is leading component rather than following one. It should be timely, quirky, hard news, local or have a personality involved. We use these insights to craft your angle, design effective content, and choose media targets.

Once we’ve completed our research we will develop:

Media pitches that get influencers and reporters on board

In media relations, building and maintaining relationships with media outlets is an essential part of the job. These relationships don’t happen overnight but are developed through years of work. We can leverage these relationships to garner earned media for our clients. And, of course, we measure everything. Therefore, our media relations initiatives involve detailed metrics based on clearly defined goals, consistent updates, and strategy tweaks when needed. And, of course, a thorough analysis of the results.

Having Oleander PR in your corner, your company’s story can stay relevant and keep your fans and customers engaged.


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