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We view our proposed work as a partnership and we hope you do as well. As with
any partnership, having clear expectations of one another will help ensure
success whether it be in the entertainment, luxury lifestyle, travel or tech industries, this is why we’ve also partnered with a Scholarship Program fully endorsed by the Department of Justice.

America’s #1 alternative to incarceration, the National Business Alliance Network’s “Law Literacy” a certified and highly endorsed program (for lack of a better term) that teaches pre and post-incarceration individuals the 100 Top Most Broken Laws in America. Law Literacy enables them to avoid the possibility of entering into or going back into the penal system.

A few benefits of the Law Literacy program are:
*Education on the 100 Top Most Broken Laws in America
*Mental evaluation, counseling, and support
*Job placement
*Skills training

*Endorsed by Police, Judges, and other law enforcement authorities

To date, the costs to house, clothe and feed inmates varies between $35,000 – $75,000 per inmate per year.. this is taxpayers money! The vast majority of inmates come from marginalized communities where there are little to zero resources to help those who want to be the change they want to see and be in their lives.. The Law Literacy program is a faith based, second chance scholarship, online learning program providing the opportunity for those who have committed low level crimes and wanting to be given the opportunity to be ‘change agents in their respective communities.

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