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Fashion, Entertainment and the Luxury Lifestyle are OleanderPR’s primary focus but often work with clients in various other sectors that inspire us and are valuable sources around the world.






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Fashion & Beauty PR

When it comes to style, it’s all about brand recognition and we offer a three-pronged approch to gain maximum exposure for our fashion clientele including: traditional PR & media outreach, social media & online visibility.

Through media outreach, desk side appointment and seasonal press days, we work to secure continuous press coverage on new collections as well as the launch of couture, luxury and mass market brands.

This market is crowded and competitive, and in order to stand out from the pack, Our firm makes sure its beauty clients have fresh and unique ideas that connect them with their audience on both an aesthetic and emotional level.



The entertainment industry is vast and growing with so many industries within the world of Entertainment, Oleander  PR with first hand personal experience in Acting, Modeling and proudly connected to many industry resources allowing us to offer prime branding, positioning with each project they venture into.  With a suite of publicity services offers our film-related clients unmatched professionalism and expertise in a wide range of media marketing and communications specialties. Oleander PR is also IMDb Pro credited.

Our network of contacts with key news decision makers, editors and producers, as well as global news wire services and social media via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the independent film bloggers, ensure that our clients have the best opportunities to attain media attention.



Luxury is defined by exclusivity and quality; providing a level of expertise and care that is unparalleled. This is why we offer every luxury client a level of PR service that is worthy of their brand.

We’ve worked with a number of leading luxury brands including apparel, footwear, handbags, home, fragrance, eyewear, food & beverage, destinations, properties, treatments, and a range of high-end products and services.

With each luxury campaign we capitalize on two opportunities: exclusivity and experience. With exclusivity, it’s all about using the limited quantity available as part of the story, implementing strategies like pre-order or wait-listed sales to increase engagement and conversation across traditional, digital and social platforms.

technology pr

Gadgets, gigabytes and

From a media standpoint, we focus on securing press coverage in business and technology outlets (such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company) to gain visibility amongst potential investors and venture capitalists, as well as consumer-facing press that will increase traffic, downloads and awareness of the product at hand.

We’ll help to position our technology clients as thought-leaders in the space, offering up the founder(s) as experts to comment in trend articles or speak at relevant panels and conferences.

bio energy pr

Make It Clickable!

As the world’s population grows, the global economy recovers and developing countries embrace new technologies, the need for vital energy resources will continue to rise Energy is fundamental to our quality of life and the conversation surrounding it is one of the most important of our time. To meet growing demand, we will need more energy from all sources, smarter generation, wiser consumption and improved infrastructure. We will need to encourage behavior change by all energy users, from businesses to consumers, to help them think and act differently.  The dynamic, creative energy industry is moving in dozens of different directions to power the needs of the future. Integrating renewable sources, testing new feedstocks, trying new technologies—there are dozens of amazing stories to be told at  leading energy organizations like yours.


Our bio energy clients include companies developing renewable energy focusing on wind, solar, bio energy, recycling and waste management.

We believe that good public relations are all about relationships. We work closely with all our clients to develop compelling campaigns that ensure their messages hit the spot and get in front of the right people.

non profit pr

when caring comes from the heart!

Oleander PR takes pride in representing charities, causes, and nonprofit organizations that seek to make a difference and give back – We’ve handled  advocacy campaigns, executing benefit galas, public service announcements and fundraising campaigns, helping causes that matter to communicate with their target audiences and connect with donors. Over the past couple of years, OleanderPR’s founder Donna Segura has been working with a film project, whose premise is childhood cancer, net sales of its merchandise, film profits will be donated to Cancer patients, their families and Cancer Research. A secondary Non Profit currently waiting on official ‘Non Profit’ recognition will have it’s Inaugural Disaster Relief & Recovery Foundation Gala in the fall of 2021. Funds raised will be put to use in the aid of assisting global communities who’ve succumbed serious natural disasters and left to ‘fend for themselves’ yet sadly, many disaster locations have zero means of rebuilding their communities.

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We believe in being the change we wish to see in the world and play a proactive part of our clients wishes to help those they advocate for.

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