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If yes, you can get our expert team of press release writers on the job to help you get the news written. Furthermore, we can also help you get the word circulated through our press release distribution service, helping you access major news networks online. We can create a high quality written press release for you, which consists of SEO-optimized, index-ready news content. Needless to say, for all your PR necessities, you can work with us.

Q. What is a press release?
A: A press release is a news announcement that details the who, what, when and why of an upcoming milestone. The format is different from editorial articles you might find in a magazine, blog or newspaper. A press release is a way to summarize official announcements to the public and news media quickly.

Q. Are the Press release distribution pickups considered media placement?
A: No, the press release distribution included in some campaigns is separate and not the actual media placements (editorial reviews, interviews, features).

Q. What is the purpose of a press release?
A: Press releases are official announcements of a newsworthy event or milestone. It serves as a clear and concise way for the public to be aware of your news.

Q. How many words will be included in my press release?
A: A press release is generally under 450 words. We make sure to include the most important information for the media.

Q. How many images will be included with my release?
A: Your press release will generally allow one image however, certain PR Distribution outlets will permit 2-3 images at most. The image should be square in either jpg or png. The image could be a head shots, professional cover art or logo.

Q. How is the press release distributed?
A: The press release is distributed via a national wire service. The distribution across the wire makes the press release available to a wide range of news outlets. A press release distribution increases your online footprint and will also frequently be included in Google news results.

Q. How can I find the press announcement?
A: We recommend searching (copy/paste) the exact press release title in Google, Bing and Yahoo to see some pickups from the announcement.

Q. Why do some of the outlets look like they are the same?
A: A National wire distribution includes local affiliates of news organizations that can appear similar. (for example, WAND is a local affiliate of Fox News)

Q. Where will my press release appear?
A: Your press release will appear on a wide array of websites including independent and local journals, local affiliates of major TV networks across the US. Press releases will sometimes show up in business or finance sections of national outlets.

Q. Why does the same press release appear across different news outlets?
A: A press release is an official statement issued to news media giving information on a particular matter. It’s a static announcement that will appear the same across multiple outlets.

Q. Will there be any SEO benefits?
A: Many use press releases as part of their link building strategy. We don’t recommend it as the only approach.

Q. How is a press release different than campaign coverage?
A: A press release is an official fixed announcement written by us on your behalf. 3rd party journalists write the media coverage (articles, reviews, interviews, or features). It may include facts from the press release however it’s written in a different form.

Unique Pricing Plans.

We appreciate and understand that no two brands, needs or demands all fit in the same budget box therefore, we’ve designed three packages that will take the stress out of choosing what you need and, what you don’t need.

Press release writing

$ 250
  • Fast delivery time
  • 100% Unique content
  • Unlimited Revisions

Suitable for clients requiring press release creation

Writing & Distribution

$ 499
  • Nationwide Distribution
  • Top Search Visibility We'll work hard to get you in the top 20 searches of Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Unlimited Email Accounts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

Suitable for Intermediate writing & Distribution Services

Premium Distribution

$ 899
  • Multiple Newswires/Search Engines
  • Rush Service
  • Social Sharing

Suitable for Priority Press Release/Distribution

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