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The social and digital landscape being so complex and ever-changing, it needs to be integrated into each element of your marketing strategy. With need of solution based marketing strategy who can provide guidance and transparency, while being collaborative and innovative Oleander PR has the capability and vision often shared by our past, present clients.


With defined strategy that outlines is we accomplish your goals also  uses data-driven methods that enabling a seamless process from idealization to execution. We’ll bring big ideas to life &  covering areas such as brand strengths, opportunities to capture attention, target consumers, and design. Through our idealization process and combined processes, we establish your infrastructure by defining the roll out strategy, vocabulary and visual aesthetic, copy writing, campaign generation, and development of a cohesive digital journey with unparalleled storytelling.


A website is the face of every brand, it must be designed & developed to convert your traffic, respond to your consumers and dynamically connect to all your campaigns. It’s an evolving brand asset that directly impacts your business KPI’s. Oleander PR have finely tuned the architecture assessment and conversion optimization, campaign development,  Integration, , SEO and growth recommendations. Oleander PR learned from the ground up how to create websites from scratch with so much resourcing thus giving our clients an advantage over many.


Social media is about driving interest and creating consumer touch points through innovative, original content, with the primary objectives being to increase exposure, desire, and engagement with your target audiences. The social landscape is ever-changing and it’s important to have the right team in place that can manage everything from outlet generation, infrastructure & activation, campaign integration, posting, community management, asset generation, growth hacking, influencers, paid media supplements to online reputation management and more.





Email is a valuable supplement wit each marketing campaign. Smart and strategic email campaigns give you greater insight into your most loyal and valuable customers. Providing you give content that your customers want with consistent frequency, you’re able to build greater exposure & drive direct revenue from this platform. Oleander can and will support all your email marketing needs through strategy, list acquisition, copy writing and assets, execution and campaign-specific targets.

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Utilizing Social Media, we’ll optimize your brand.
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