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Oleander PR, has a reputation for conceptualizing and executing memorable and innovative Sport industry events that win awards  coupled with brand and product media placements, press as needed.

With event planning and or production, our goal is to create a branded experience that tells the story of your brand, project,  or collection in a unique, ORGANIC way that will excite the regional media, national media, and your local community.

Wherever necessary, we will assist with any or all of the event details from securing the right venue unless you have a team in place to do this, curating the guest list, planning the décor, menu, entertainment and gift bags, securing sponsorship, wrangling celebrities & VIPs, booking red carpet and photography, and facilitating all front of house duties on the day of the event.

Typically, with any PR campaign, it makes sense to create an event that will allow us to introduce your brand to key press, media and influencers in your industry. We will produce your press-worthy event concept using our traditional PR and social media PR strategies to maximize the exposure, results and value of your event. 

PR AND THE SPORTS INDUSTRY Much of the success sports teams and professional athletes receive is from the public support of sports fans and other organizations. In return, they use PR strategies to sustain their relationship with them and the support they receive. And because the sporting industry continues to rapidly expand as the years goes, it continues to provide space for the process. PR in sports means promoting teams, players as well as sports organizations through various media organizations as well as social media platforms. It aims to build and maximize a team or athlete’s image potential!

If you’re in or retired from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NASCAR, FIFA and other sports affiliations, we can discuss the many facets of Publicity that will exponentially amplify the narrative, brand and or event/s you’re planning.

Grow your brand in the hearts and minds of consumers by creating a deep emotional connection that lasts longer than any campaign. We help leading brands create new and exciting ways to activate sponsorships, engage with consumers and shine through product sampling.

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Oleander PR, uses integrated communications strategies to elevate awareness for it’s entertainment industry clients, along with leading sporting events and brand activations, driving buzz, fan engagement and ticket sales.  So, you have a new Tequila, Vodka, Wine, Scotch, Brandy, Energy drink, CBD, tech item,  fashion or another product you need publicity and media placements for? Firstly, your name and good reputation speaks volumes on who you are which in itself, is the already existing leverage you need… so how about we talk about getting the media placements (digital, print) your new brand deserves?

It doesn’t stop there.. think outside of the box here: Gifting Suites (Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and other major award events), sports events (*alcohol is a sticky issue if the event  is taking place on an Indian Reservation) 

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