Life in the world of Luxury

Luxury PR

Luxury is defined by exclusivity and quality; providing a level of expertise and care that is unparalleled. This is why we offer every luxury client a level of PR service that is worthy of their brand.

We’ve worked with a number of leading luxury brands including apparel, home, fragrance,  food & beverage, destinations, properties, and a range of high-end products and services with global affiliations as Publicist and Networking Representative for Milijonet. an international Luxury Lifestyle group giving high end brands an exclusive means to share their products, and upcoming events catering to the discerning clientele.

With each luxury campaign we capitalize on two opportunities: exclusivity and experience. With exclusivity, it’s all about using the limited quantity available as part of the story, implementing strategies like pre-order or wait-listed sales to increase engagement and conversation across traditional, digital and social platforms. Experience is the new way of defining luxury: rather than price point, the luxury consumer is interested in experiences that go above and beyond

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