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Premier and Luxury Yacht Charters

OleanderPR provides you with competitive prices in the market for yacht hire as compared to other similar yacht charter companies. 


We continuously work on keeping prices for super yacht rental affordable and within your range.  Check out the current inventory below and let us know what piques your interest and or what you’d like to book. 

REMEMBER: November to April 2023 is the high season therefore once you see the yacht you like and suits your preferences, get in touch as soon as possible to book and secure it!

CHARTER: 55FT Van Dutch

Passenger Capacity: 13

book for: 4 hours $5000 - 8 HOURS $7000



BOOK FOR: 4 HOURS $3300 - 8 HOURS $3800

charter: 63ft searay - 13 Passengers

book on weekdays w/Capt: 4-6hrs $3800, 6-8hrs $4300, Weekends & Holidays:4hrs $3800, 6hours $4300, 8 hours $4800

CHARTER: 52 ft searay


Book for: 4hrs $1899 - 8hrs $3499

CHARTER: 55ft azimut


book for: 4hrs $1899 - 8hrs $3499

charter: 68ft azimut - Passengers: 13

book for: 4hrs $4150 - 8hrs $5000

Incl: Jetskis. Departs: Miami beach Marina

Charter: 68ft Sunseeker - Passengers: 6

Book for: 4-6hrs Weekdays: $4000,6hrs $ 8hrs $4500 weekends/holidays: 4hours $4000 - 6hrs $4500, 8hrs $5300

Charter: 75ft Sunseeker - Passengers: 13

Book for:Weekdays: 6 - 8hrs $5300

book for weekends: 4hrs $4500, 6hrs $5000, 8hrs $5500

charter: 24ft yamaha Passengers: 4

book for: $180/hr Minimum 2hrs.

Includes: Watersports equipment

charter: 42ft azimut

passengers: 12

book for: 4hrs $3100, 8hrs $4050

charter: 43ft marquis

Passengers: 12

book for: 4hrs $2750, 8hrs $3150

charter: 44ft sea ray sundancer namaste

Passengers: 13

Book for: 4hrs $2800, 8hrs $4200

charter: 40ft double decker flybridge - Passengers 13 Includes jet skis

Book for: 4hrs $4650, $8hrs $5600

charter; 40ft silverton double decker flybridge - 13 passengers

book for weekends: 4 hrs $3150, 6hrs $3350, 8hrs $3650 Weekends/Holidays: 4hrs $3000, 6hrs $3600, 8hrs $3900 (Incl Jetski)

charter: 45ft maxim flybridge

pax 15: 4hrs $3200, 6hrs $3400, 8hrs $3600

pax 20: 4hrs $3600, 6hrs $3800, 8hrs $4000

charter: 40ft van dutch

Passengers: 8

Book for: 4hrs $3150, 8hrs $4950

charter: 58ft searay

passengers: 12

book for: 4hrs $3800, 8hrs $4800

charter: 92ft mangusta - Passengers: 13

book for: 4hrs $6500, 8hrs $7500

Incl: Jetskis - departs: bill bird marina haulover

charter: 97ft ferretti - passengers: 13

book for: 4hrs $7300, 8hrs $7900

Incl: Jetskis - departs: bill bird marina haulover

charter: 116ft azimut - passengers: 13

book for: 4hrs $7800, 8hrs $8500

W/Jetskis. At William Island Marina

charter 80ft ferretti - passengers 13

Book (contact us for current 4-8hr rate)

incl: jetskis, at bill bird marina haulover

charter: 85ft palmer johnson

Passengers: 12

book for 4-8hrs contact us for current rates & upgrades

charter: 86s azimut - Passengers: 12

weekday 4hrs $5800, 8hrs $6800

weekend 4hrs $5800, 8hrs $6800

Half-Day (4 hours) Yacht Rentals

If you don’t have much time, but you still want to experience luxury, serenity, and excitement with your family or friends, book our half day or 4 hours luxury boat rentals. We offer the cheap yacht rentals which are not heavy on your pocket. You can easily spare some money to make memories with your loved ones in the lap of nature.

Our price for yacht hire includes a fee of captain, fuel, taxes and our service charges. If you want to do some water sport or want to have a party with DJ and food onboard, we can cater to your customized requirements with additional charges.

Full Day (8 hours) Luxury Yacht Charter

In the full day, yacht hires you can spend quality time at your desired destination in the calm and tranquil water. If you want an adventure with your friends and family, we can also arrange special water sports like Jet Ski, Wake Boarding, etc. at the additional charges. If you want to have a party on board, we can arrange the sumptuous food and DJ services and any other unique service that you request.

Our standard service charges for full day luxury yacht rentals include captain’s fee, fuel, taxes, and our service charges. All other services can be catered to on special requests as per your requirements.

Note: Kindly note that most of our customers are always satisfied with our services and have an excellent experience, so they pay optional gratuity to the captain and crew members which can be anywhere from 10%-20%. It is not a part of our service charges.

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