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Public Relations may have been through many changes over time but the essence has remained. For example, eighteen years ago, we didn’t have Facebook or Instagram, but essentially PR is designed to manage your reputation without the paying for it (in the traditional sense at least).

Think of PR as an umbrella under which you can count a whole range of activities; from PR stunts (think of really famous people sitting down to play the guitar at Union Station in Los Angeles,  to handling of social media and even working with celebrities. PR encompasses all of this and also the basics, creating the story of a brand or a person which includes the PR strategy, press releases and even brunching with journalists to get those stories into print.

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The Oleander PR Difference


We’ve got a way with words. Our team’s strong writing skills give clients a leg up with media pitches and on social.


At our core, we are creatives. There’s nothing we love more than achieving a client’s goals with an out-of-the-box idea.


We immerse ourselves into each client’s culture, learning the ins and outs of their business and brand to communicate seamlessly on their behalf.



Publicity for Luxury Lifestyle Brands

MILITARY - Our 'other' family

Military Non Profits & Brands


Publicist, Unit Publicist, Casting, Continuity

Personal publicity for individuals in the entertainment industry  

Corporate public relations for TV/film production companies

General PR consultancy for entertainment companies

Cattle & Beef Industry

From the farm to the table


Media Placements, Influencer Marketing

Why Oleander PR?

  • oleander pr,  is a lifestyle; we do not subscribe to  cookie cutter mentality  

  •  we understand and appreciate the importance of personalized attention. 

  • We’re accessible – when you speak with someone at our oleander pr, you’ll be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about your project, not an operator but someone you’ve become to know from the first ‘hello’.. 

  • We believe in quality versus quantity, and as such, we seek out the “right” media outlets that are inherently relevant to your story

  • everything we do is custom. From writing materials to crafting pitches, donna will target the right people with the right message.

  • unless the client insists, oleanderpr will not utilize paid media to secure placements as we feel it’s ‘kinda lazy’ but more importantly, cutting corners doesn’t achieve the same level of value that organic media placements provide.

  • At OLEANDER PR, we become a part of our client’s team. Your success is our success.

A testimony or two from a couple of clients & industry friends

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