While being a multitasking phenom, Donna also works with creatives across multiple facets of the entertainment industry including film, television and advertising. Her current and past client roster is filled with numerous  Film, TV, Music industry winners, friends and associates both in front and behind the camera!! While the film industry isn’t her primary focus, Donna wants each and every one of her clients to receive the accolades they deserve.


practice areas

We specialize in Entertainment, Luxury Lifestyle and High Fashion PR campaigns, using a multi-pronged approach to amplify your brand: 1) traditional PR & media outreach, 2) social media & influencer marketing campaigns, and 3) experiential event PR & production.

Oleander is more than the sum of our parts: we are a finely tuned, surgically precise powerhouse of storytellers, cultivating awareness and engagement at every turn. We harness the power of social media influencers, talent, content, media, publicity, and ink to proactively develop narratives that connect our clients to their audiences across platforms. We literally go beyond what is expected of us to ensure our clients are given the best in what we provide.

Our top-rated PR agency offers one-on-one attention and our award-winning team is incentivized by our clients’ successes. Whether you’re an emerging or global company, we have industry-leading solutions just for you.

Oleander Public Relations (PR)
Online, Texas Based
Email: donna@oleanderpr.com





Having an online presence is critical to ensuring your current and future customers have a way to view, purchase and enjoy your products OR if you're an actor, musician, or simply someone who needs a platform providing either your audience of potential clients access to your 'virtual' resume, ongoing work or events for example. OleanderPR has partnered with our very own web host .. a company we've entrusted with hosting our own website and many clients also. You need an online presence.. you need affordable web hosting that doesn't promise frills and fluff.. but straight-up hosting that will give you peace of mind.
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