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We are an online Public Relations agency representing clients working in the Entertainment, High Fashion, Luxury Lifestyle industries: Military affiliated, LGBTQ community and Non Profits.
With social media strategies, as well as tried and true public relations tactics, we consistently deliver powerful and effective campaigns to ensure clients’ success.

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Public Relations
Public Relations
Digital and Social Marketing
Digital and Social Marketing
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Media Relations
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Content creation & management
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Event Public Relations

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Entertainment PR

The entertainment industry is vast and growing with so many industries within the world of Entertainment, Oleander  PR with first hand personal experience in Acting, Modeling and proudly connected to…

Luxury Lifestyle PR

Today, while traditional media outlets are vital to tell the story, it is essential to develop the best tactical brand PR strategy. This is comprised of digital public relations, social…

Fashion PR

Old fashioned values and concepts work some of the time however, we aren’t big believers in blasting out a press release and seeing what sticks. We prefer taking a tailored…

Non Profit PR

Oleander PR, takes pride in representing charities, causes, and nonprofit organizations that seek to make a difference, give back to various communities and, supportive of various global causes. For more…

Oleander PR, is a Freelance agency who, unlike larger firms, can provide more one on one and personalized service so you won't get lost in the fray. No worries about being shifted around from one person to another. We believe in you, your brand and giving you the convenience and quality of service that you deserve.

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Oleander PR

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LGBTQ, Non Profit and Military


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