Traditional PR

We are the 'storytellers' of your brand through print & broadcast media, with pitches made via email, phone and or sending out press releases however: we tend to not always depend on Press Releases due to 'waiting to see what sticks'. We prefer the more fresh, strategic and organic approach, generally securing a more valuable and effective outcome for our clients.

Digital PR

Pitching Digital Media means, we focus on online visibility, blogger outreach and developing influencer marketing campaigns with the goal of driving traffic and awareness to your website. Social Media marketing and exposure is also included.

Event PR

Our focus is to ensure your event meets your expectations OR MORE! Oleander PR initiates effective media releases, content marketing thus, getting your brand/event extensive exposure, the usual 'storytelling' informing the reader/viewer of your event thus, encouraging further interest and support. Event buzz is critical and a much valued resource, often used in the public relations industry and, if done correctly, provides a successful outcome for our clients.



Oleander PR believes in a “committed relationship” with each of our clients – real partnerships create their own success. 

Treat us respectfully, as such, and we’ll accomplish the impossible together. 

We will not be your “vendor” or “service provider.” We will be your “Communications Partner.” 

Oleander PR isn’t afraid of challenges or crises. READ MORE


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