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  • Ready to grow: If you have clear business goals and you’re ready to invest in taking your business to the next level, a PR agency could help support you in those growth goals by building additional brand awareness and connecting you with new customers.  

  • Expansion or launch: If your company is launching for the first time, launching a new product or service, or is expanding into new markets (think store openings!), a PR agency can help generate buzz and build awareness in the target market.  

  • Rebranding or reputation management: If you’re rebranding your company or need help managing a PR crisis, a PR agency can guide you through the process and help to rebuild your public image. 

  • Limited in-house resources: If your company doesn’t have a dedicated PR or marketing team, hiring a PR agency can fill that gap and provide expert support in managing your public image. 

  • Need for media connections: PR agencies have established relationships with media professionals, so if you’re struggling to get media coverage, a PR agency can help.

  • Consistent messaging: A PR agency can help ensure that your company’s messaging is consistent across all channels, from press releases to social media updates. This can help reinforce your brand identity and build credibility with your target audience.

  • My name is Sammie Lee Hill, a retired California Police Officer. I created the world's first "Mentor Theme Song" in Global History! I have known Donna Segura for many years, and she is a very professional individual in the Entertainment Arena. While working on a task or project, she always gets the job done promptly. As my Publicist, her performance is outstanding, and I'm extremely proud to be her client.

    Sammie Lee Hill
    Writer, of the worlds first "Mentor Theme Song"
  • Donna, with OleanderPR, is very knowledgeable in her field. She has gone above and beyond in helping with not only the project at hand but also in taking the time to advise me on how to promote myself further as a writer. She is readily available, professional, kind, experienced, and is 1000% loyal to her clients. She can think of practical and creative solutions to any problem. I was referred to her by an actor friend and this has been one of my most valuable referrals and additions to my network. Donna is a priceless team member - a true asset.

    Cannon Rosenau
    Member: NwSG Compendium Status. Member: Sandpoint Filmmakers Network. Member: Christian Entertainment Guld
  • I say this to you and point out, that in my years of working with numerous others in the field of publicity and promotion, Ms Segura is, by far, one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to know and work with. She is not only as professional as they come but also incredibly detail-oriented and will always go above and beyond for her clients to ensure they know they are top of mind and receive the best results in the projects for which she is hired.

    In addition, she is also an incredible connector. Recently she put me in touch with companies who might be able to use my voiceover services. Even when she herself could not be directly involved, she went out of her way to make sure I was connected to people with whom I could be directly involved, expecting nothing for herself in return. And it is this selfless and professional attitude which allows her to be the best of the best. Lastly, as my friend, she is personable, intelligent, funny, and an all-around good egg. Someone with whom you'd want to work on a project because her personality combined with her experience and professionalism, WILL help any organization receive the result they desire.
    Bill Larson
    Freelance Voicover artist & In-Stadium Announcer for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • I am very grateful to Donna Segura for her outstanding public relations work on my film studio, Dragonesque Studios behalf. The industry knowledge, and experience she has gained over the many years as well as possessing an invaluable network of resources and industry contacts, have proven to be proof of the professionalism, trust, faith, and respect she receives from her peers and those she works with. Donna is very personable, and professional, and her loyalty to her clients is evident throughout the process.

    Davence Young, Owner-CEO, Executive Producer
    Dragonesque Studios LLC
  • Her zeal for outstanding performance is evident in her results-driven mindset. Over the years, I have to see Donna bucket or walk away under pressure. Actually, she appears to exhibit an additional boost which makes her a unique talent. She has a way of maximizing her competence, network, and resources as an added bonus. Donna places a high value on client service and creative problem-solving. She literally chooses to do 'real work' with organizations and people who want to make a difference in the world.

    From a strategic platform, she fosters and maintains relationships with top-tier local and national influencers which gives her the added advantage for implementing her client's goals. She collaborates with unique clients, to help drive awareness and engagement with their projects in order for them to maximize their goals and return in investments.
    Stephanie Dawkins
    Global Business Consultant, Author "Corporate Coffee" and Queen Mother of Surowodofo - Central Region of Ghana Nana Dkuwa Eduafo
  • I am very pleased to acknowledge my professional experiences with OleanderPR. The National Business Alliance Network, Inc needed a firm that could understand our mission and value for the community and our partners. Donna and her team surpassed my agency's expectations. My website was prepared for global, national, state, and local business opportunities. OleanderPR remains a tremendous partner and business service provider that played a role in rebuilding trust between law enforcement and marginalized communities.

    Melvin. J Wilkins, NBAN Board Chairman
    National Business Alliance Network
  • It is with a thankful heart, I present one of the most functionally professional people in PR I know. This is not an easy task, and I have met a few over my fifty years in business. Donna Segura is the best yet. She works diligently and professionally and helped us brand and garner 46 awards globally, and 23 nominations. She seems almost superhuman and is tireless while always with the 'thinking outside of the box' mindset in her approach. I would without an ounce, after four glorious years, wholeheartedly recommend her as a PR and as a diligent and genuine human being, She is one of our greatest assets in the film industry.

    Andrew Heller, CEO
    Maxamus Films
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Donna Segura, Publicist and founder of OleanderPR..

    I would highly recommend working with Donna, as she is extremely reliable and good at what she does and her work performance. I would also use the adjectives: "Passionate, and Tenacious" when describing her.

    Cindy Garnick, CEO
    Garnick Entertainment Media Company