We believe in the power of personal relationships to navigate an ever-changing landscape.

Being a part of OleanderPR, clients have indirect access to our  global network of media, industry, and growing network of contacts that have been built over the years  Having a pulse on what is relevant today and tomorrow – turning creativity into newsworthy content for our clients is crucial and why we’re always networking and researching, connecting with new and valuable contacts in a variety of sectors. Our host of industry contacts listed on our growing rolodex helps us, provide premium assistance in each PR campaign we’re working on.

ENTERTAINMENT PR Lights, Camera.. Pitch OleanderPR, works with new, growing, and A-list stars, professional athletes, actors, musicians and notable designers to launch consumer facing brands with a celebrity angle. Whether it's just publicity for you, your brand, or Unit Publicity, Casting Donna has boots in the ground, first hand experience that will effectively assist you with your needs in Film and Television. Not to shy away from the Music industry, with equally as many years in the Music industry as Film, she has repped artists in the Hip Hop, Pop and Rock sectors getting her talent positioned in the media when, and where the demands are needed. oleanderpr chevron_right chevron_left LUXURY LIFESTYLE ELEGANT PR CAMPAIGNS THAT TURN HEADS Luxury is defined by exclusivity and quality; providing a level of expertise and care that is unparalleled. This is why we offer every luxury client a level of PR service that is worthy of their brand. Experience is the new way of defining luxury brand: rather than price point, the luxury consumer is interested in experiences that go above and beyond. Whether its at the brick & mortar retail level or through superior or unique customer service, we help to tell a story that creates intrigue, lust, desire, and in some cases “fomo” amongst your target audience. chocobliss chevron_right chevron_left WINE, BEER, SPIRITS PR Driving brand success in a saturated marketplace. PR campaigns for wine or sprits companies often involve more than garnering the right press exposure (which we do, exceptionally well).

At OleanderPR, we find new and creative ways for consumers to experience the products, whether it means creating your own event or partnering with an existing one, we find the target audience and bring our clients’ products to them. OleanderPR, will work with editors, journalists, bloggers and influencers in the foodie space, using the connections and experience to generate buzz and build brand equity, tying our clients products to targeted lifestyles so their brands become the go-to choice for consumers.
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SPORTS PR WHEN THE GOAL IS TO AIM HIGHER From media coverage to star-studded red carpet events, and digital publicity to engaging social media campaigns, we use the star factor to gain instant access to a captive fanbase and increase consumer awareness of our brands. OleanderPR, has also worked with the teams of or friends hosting reputable Superbowl Party events, with a global philanthropic vision, where sponsors, participents enjoy the event while also ensuring the vision of raising funds for the greater need is met.

OleanderPR can assist with sponsor outreach, and event publicity
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TECHNOLOGY PR Immerse Yourself in the future Technology has fundamentally changed the way we engage with the world and each other — both in business and in life. That’s why every company today is in the midst of Digital Transformation, and each needs to have a successful communications path and to offer innovation-powered experiences and possibilities. While engineers and designers make leaps and bounds in the lab, we can craft the messaging that entices the everyday consumer into adopting new technologies. We don’t just create a product ethos—we ensure that our clients’ innovations resonate with audiences around the world. From a media standpoint, we focus on securing press coverage in business and technology outlets (such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company) .... oleanderpr chevron_right chevron_left We've got your Six From being a Submariners wife, Command Ombudsman, and working on the 'Mighty Mo' aka the USS MISSOURI BB63, it goes without saying that the military lifestyle is a part of our DNA.

We have a deep understanding of military and veteran audiences to help you connect with, educate and motivate active-duty service members, Guard and reservists, veterans, military spouses and families. Whether it's military hosted events, fundraisers
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Other PR Services

With many years in the PR industry, OleanderPR is always empathetic and prepared to discuss any need you may have. If we’re not 100% certain that we’re a good fit, we can likely help you find the right partner to help with any PR situation. We only recommend the best, brightest, and most trustworthy people to trust your reputation with.

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