Donna Segura CEO, Founder of Oleander Public Relations (PR) is as multi-talented the diverse and eclectic array as her clients in the entertainment industry predominantly in film and various music genres. Add experience in the luxury lifestyle and fashion industries, military affiliations into the mix and you have met a woman who as a freelance Publicist, isn't afraid of hard work where her client roster includes Generation Hip Hop Global doubling as Publicist and Executive Committee member.

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Are you an entertainer?

OleanderPR will design an expert custom PR solution which we will tailor to your specific needs, assisting you to be amongst the best in your field. Whether you are an actor, celebrity or organization wanting to move yourself or your business onto the next level, we can design a customized PR package specifically for you.

Celebrities and entertainers still have the ability to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and if a member of the media is there, the world will quickly find out about this ‘misdemeanor.’ Celebrity PR firms know how to handle the most scandalous of rumors and can spin them to the celebrity’s advantage. Should a Celebrity or entertainer handle all their situations alone? It’s not advisable as it has potential of ruining their career and or emotions can jump in and BAM.. the rest you can imagine but, why having a Publicist who can will remain neutral, calm and do whatever is necessary to get the ‘message out’ and withhold the peace thus being their client’s saving grace.

The assumption that a small agency like Oleander PR can’t ‘possibly provide the same level of publicity power’ as a large, multi employee advantage. The reality is, working with a sole publicist provides clients a more personal, direct experience without facing the frustrations of being juggled between various others working for the same agency. A smaller, boutique agency works harder FOR THE CLIENT.

Size doesn’t always matter. The quality of work, how your publicist listens and genuinely cares and believes in YOU, YOUR BRAND and ongoing success does!


We have always taken pride in representing charities, causes, and nonprofit organizations that seek to make a difference and give back. This includes a film dedicated to donating a percentage of funds raised to childhood cancer, their families, and research, to helping youth via working with art, music thus empowering, encouraging, and guiding them to believe they have the means to be a part of a bigger cause in the world.

Proudly, we assist Non Profits focused on making a chance in the world not just for one child or adult but for the global community. A community we are all a vital part of.


Donna Segura proudly puts herself on the frontlines for her extended military family. One she’s been attached to for approximately 24yrs and maintains her friendships along with her professional network of resources for Veterans, Active duty members, and their families.

Whatever the need, current project you may have, Oleander PR, has your Six!


Fashion Designer, Model, Events... love the fun of clothes not, the status of fashion

 Whether you’re an emerging designer, a global icon or household brand, we have industry leading solutions just for you.

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