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Oleander Public Relations is a full-service online agency that offers public relations, branding, marketing and various other facets of Public Relations for entertainment, high fashion, luxury brands and tech industries. Our 360-degree approach to brand building, execution of innovative campaigns, and unparalleled relationships garner eye-catching results guaranteed to secure a strong foothold in the market for our clients. As a freelance firm, we have the ability to work with clients at a variety of levels, from building a brand from the ground up to creating a captivating story around an existing brand that will leave a lasting impression on target audiences.

Oleander PR believes in a “committed relationship” with each of our clients – real partnerships create their own success.  We will be your “Communications Partner.” Oleander PR isn’t afraid of challenges or crises. Just let us know your needs, we’ll listen, and together we’ll give you the best PR package with strategically formulated driven results.

Founder of Oleander PR, Donna Segura is a ‘solepreneur’ with a growing network of reliable resources, assisting clients with influencer outreach, social media and digital marketing management, branding, event marketing and more. 

Donna, offers a personal alternative to larger public relations firms, with her ‘straight shooter’ down to earth personality , always focused and, committed to achieving the results her clients are looking for. There’s no such thing as a one size fit all strategy & she doesn’t believe in the 9 to 5 work schedule. PR, doesn’t sleep… 

Her work doesn’t just stop within the Entertainment, Luxury, Fashion and Tech industries but, her passion and loyalty to her extended military family is seen when advocating for Disabled, Homeless Veterans. Donna represents a ‘For Veterans, by Veterans’ upcoming charity – Non Profit: Operation Cover Your Six are working with resources providing emergency and permanent housing, medical and mental health options to provide a positive and reassuring option to those who fought for us, our country.  



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While being a multitasking phenom, Donna also works with creatives across multiple facets of the entertainment industry including film, television and advertising. Her current and past client roster is filled with numerous OSCAR, GOLDEN GLOBES, EMMY, AICP winners both in front and behind the camera!! While the film industry isn’t her primary focus, Donna wants each and every one of her clients to receive the accolades they deserve.

Public Relations for..

Celebrities & Entertainers

OleanderPR will design an expert custom PR solution which we will tailor to your specific needs, assisting you to be amongst the best in your field. Whether you are an actor, celebrity or organisation wanting to move yourself or your business onto the next level, we can design a customized PR package specifically for you.

Celebrities and entertainers still have the ability to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and if a member of the media is there, the world will quickly find out about this ‘misdemeanor.’ Celebrity PR firms know how to handle the most scandalous of rumors and can spin them to the celebrity’s advantage.Should a Celebrity or entertainer handle all their situations alone? It’s not advisable as it has potential of ruining their career and or emotions can jump in and BAM.. the rest you can imagine but, why having a Publicist who can will remain neutral, calm and do whatever is necessary to get the ‘message out’ and withhold the peace thus being their client’s saving grace.

Public Relations for..

Film & Actors

 We have worked for many years to get that reputation and become one of the respected few. When an actor needs to publicise an upcoming movie or the movie company needs PR, we provide that well-oiled wheel to ensure maximum coverage. We’re also IMDb credit as Primary or Collaborative Publicists.

Entertainment, Fashion. Luxury, Tech and more...

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